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Categories of flexible armored cable

Categories of flexible armored cable





Military Communication
The communication of colliery, oil well, gas and geological prospecting
Radio and television broadcasting and Temporary communication system
Used to the pigtail and bridle wire
Used to the communication system and the light of the optical distribution frame



Ultra-small stainless steel hose to protect and has good mechanical properties
Large area of high modulus kevlar strengthen, make cable reach to 1500N tensile strength
The thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer protective sleeve provides a good structural stability and resistant, oil resistant, low temperature flexibility for the cable
Use the special bending folding cable and make the cable can be arbitrary bending, easy to use

Production Line

• 20 Sets Armoring Machines 

• 8 Bow-type Optic Cable Production Lines 

• 2 Indoor Cable Production Lines 

• 8 Outdoor Cable Jacket Production Lines 

• Professional Patch Cord Production Lines 

Package and Transportation

Production Process

Material Inspection Report

Test Equipment

Testing Subject

• Fiber performance inspection 

• Cable length 

• External dimensions 

• Tearing force 

• Fiber eccentricity 

• Minimum thickness inspection 

• Fiber tightness inspection 

• Steel wire testing 

• Strength Member testing 

• Clear and correct coding on cable 

• To roll the cable neatly 

• Flaming test 

• Low friction test