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1-12 core Mini Armored Cable For MPO

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•  Used in pigtails and patch cords
•  Used in optical connections in optical communication equipment rooms •  and optical distribution frames, optical appqratus and equipments




•  Good mechanical and environmental characteristics;
•  Flame  retardant characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards
•  The mechanical characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards;
•  Soft, flexible, easy to splice;
•  Meet virious requirements of market and clients.


Cable Parameters





Core/Mode Field Diameter(μm)


Loose   Tubet


Loose Tube(OD) mm


Helical   Tube(OD) mm


Cable weight



Bending   Radius


Dynamic   20OD Static 10OD

Allowable tension


Long term 200 Short Term 400

Crush   loading force (N/100mm)

Long   Term 3000 Short Term 5000


Production Line

• 20 Sets Armoring Machines 

• 8 Bow-type Optic Cable Production Lines 

• 2 Indoor Cable Production Lines 

• 8 Outdoor Cable Jacket Production Lines 

• Professional Patch Cord Production Lines 

Package and Transportation

Production Process

Material Inspection Report

Test Equipment

Testing Subject

• Fiber performance inspection 

• Cable length 

• External dimensions 

• Tearing force 

• Fiber eccentricity 

• Minimum thickness inspection 

• Fiber tightness inspection 

• Steel wire testing 

• Strength Member testing 

• Clear and correct coding on cable 

• To roll the cable neatly 

• Flaming test 

• Low friction test