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Water-blocking Armored Cable

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This cable is mainly suitable for various underwater engineerig work, under the shallow water of installation and connection between islands and coastal cities, thereby can transmission the  information.




•  Cable use the high and low temperature difference inflaming retarding environmental protection PVC sheath, can resist the temperature changing at seafloor and archieve the function of environmental protection, ensure the normal order of the optical fiber transmission
•  Cable use the nonmetal Kevlar strengthen components to ensure the strength of the cable to be tensile damage
•  The resist compression part of cable adopts stainless steel protectiontube and braid and make the cable still can normal transport and use when the pressure stress is greater than 3000N underwater;
•  Filling oil tube design in the center of the cable make the cable in the cross section also can reach to the block the water, and archieve the true sense of resistance water
•  The overall structure of cable design tight make the diameter of the whole cable control to 6mm, it can be beneficial to all kinds of resistance water type connector adapter and connection; and reduces the weight of cable and it's more atagoous to laying construction underwater


Cable Parameters




Retching Force

By force of time

Short Term

Long Term

Allowable   Deformation



Allowable Crush



Flattening   and allowable tension



Cable weight




Production Line

• 20 Sets Armoring Machines 

• 8 Bow-type Optic Cable Production Lines 

• 2 Indoor Cable Production Lines 

• 8 Outdoor Cable Jacket Production Lines 

• Professional Patch Cord Production Lines 

Package and Transportation

Production Process

Material Inspection Report

Test Equipment

Testing Subject

• Fiber performance inspection 

• Cable length 

• External dimensions 

• Tearing force 

• Fiber eccentricity 

• Minimum thickness inspection 

• Fiber tightness inspection 

• Steel wire testing 

• Strength Member testing 

• Clear and correct coding on cable 

• To roll the cable neatly 

• Flaming test 

• Low friction test