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Remote Cable For Communication Base Station

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Scope of application


•  Wiring for BBU and RRU inside the mobile communication base station


Product characteristics


•  Special coating layer and compound structure covered twice, able to absorb the mechanical and environmental stress, with small loss
•  The SZ twisting of fiber with small joint and the thread twisting of aramid enforced fiber can ensure the relatively large tensile strain
•  With relatively large strength and light weight, the ratio of strength and weight is high; the round bushing and compact structure is especially applicable for indoor and outdoor wiring; support the installation method of pipe tower, pipelines, overhead and direct embedding, which makes the construction and maintenance more convenient
•  The flame retardant TPU elastic bushing with high strength and high toughness is with high oxygen index, good flame retardant, resistant to oil and chemical corrosion, resistant to tearing, good toughness, strong elasticity, good stress cushioning, wear-resisting and pressure-resisting
•  Completely dry structure, conductive to the constant and convenient construction as well as mid-way branching
•  All-dielectric structure, resistant to lightening, not affected by electromagnetic effect
•  All fibers are tight buffered, better resistant to the water
•  Rigorous processing technology, with scientific and rationalized design

Production Line

• 20 Sets Armoring Machines 

• 8 Bow-type Optic Cable Production Lines 

• 2 Indoor Cable Production Lines 

• 8 Outdoor Cable Jacket Production Lines 

• Professional Patch Cord Production Lines 

Package and Transportation

Production Process

Material Inspection Report

Test Equipment

Testing Subject

• Fiber performance inspection 

• Cable length 

• External dimensions 

• Tearing force 

• Fiber eccentricity 

• Minimum thickness inspection 

• Fiber tightness inspection 

• Steel wire testing 

• Strength Member testing 

• Clear and correct coding on cable 

• To roll the cable neatly 

• Flaming test 

• Low friction test