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Cable Quality Identification

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Update time : 2020-09-02 10:08:40

How to identify the pros and cons when buying wires The state has expressly made use of copper conductors in newly built dwellings. But also copper wire, also has inferior copper conductor, its copper core chooses recycled copper, contains many impurities, some inferior copper conductor conductivity performance is even inferior to the wire, extremely easy to cause the electrical accident. At present, the market on the variety of wires, specifications, price chaos, consumer selection is very difficult. Single on the home decoration commonly used in 2.5 square millimeters and 4 square millimeters two copper core line price, the same specification of a line, because the manufacturers are different, the price can be a difference 20%~30%.

As for the quality, whether the length of the standard, consumers are difficult to determine. According to the industry sources: The reason why the price difference is huge, is due to the production process of raw materials used in the non-frequency conversion cable caused. The main raw materials for producing wires are electrolytic copper, insulating material and sheath material. At present, the raw material market electrolytic copper per ton at about 50,000 yuan, and the recycled copper per ton only about 40,000 yuan; insulation material and sheath material of quality products price per ton at 8000 yuan ~10000 yuan, and defective price per ton only 4000 yuan ~5000 yuan, spreads more disparity. In addition, the length is insufficient, the insulating body contains the glue quantity not enough, also causes the price difference the important reason. Each plate line length, the excellent product is 100 meters, and the defective is only 90 meters or so, the insulator contains the glue quantity excellent product to occupy 35% ~40%, but defective only 15%.