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FTTH FC to FC Patch Cord


FTTH FC to FC PATCH CORD, High performance optical pigtails &patch cords are a defining factor in ensuring any network performs to the highest level. HNK offers an extensive range of optical pigtails for use in FTTX, telecommunications, data communications and CATV applications.


PC, UPC and APC is optional.

Low insertion loss.

High return loss.

High stability and reliability.



1.Gigabit Ethernet

2.Active device termination

3.Telecommunication networks



6.Premise installations

7.Local area networks

8.FTTH and FTTX applications




1.Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

2.Good exchange ability for FTTH FC to FC PATCH CORD

3.Good Durability for FTTH FC to FC PATCH CORD

4.High temperature stability.

5.Standard: Telcordia GR-326-CORE

6.Precise connector

7.Excellent mechanical capability



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