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SC to ST Fiber Optic Cable


SC to ST Fiber Optic Cable, used for linking the equipment and components in the fiber optic network. They are with various kinds of fiber optic connector types. The fiber optic patch cord types are classified by the fiber optic connector types. There are PC, UPC, APC type fiber patch cord. They are different because of the polish of fiber connector.



CATV; Active device termination;

Telecommunication networks;

Metro; Local Area Networks;

Data processing networks;

Test equipment; Premise installation;

Wide Area Networks



1.Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

2.Good exchange ability

3.Good Durability

4.High temperature stability.

5.Standard: Telcordia GR-326-CORE

6.Precise connector for SC to ST Fiber Optic Cable

7.Excellent mechanical capability


Technical data

1)insertion loss:<=0.2db

2)return loss: >=50db(upc type),>=60db(apc type)

3)work temperature: -40℃~+80℃


5)interchangeability: ≤0.2

6)plug times:>1000

7)tensile strength:50N